Welcome to Moss Tier!

Moss Tier is a collection of speedrun and high score leaderboards for indie publisher Mossmouth's action-adventure game Spelunky.

It aims to help players identify the current world records and help new players get into Spelunky by providing videos with high quality gameplay. As such, all runs on this site satisfy the same set of rules.

To see the current leaderboards, simply use the navigation menu at the left, and to submit your own scores and times, register an account; it takes less than a minute!

Current world records

Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
Score   krille71 $3261800 Watch No Yama/1-1 ghosting, sub 3h
Olmec   Bum 1:48:068 Watch O.O
Hell   Latedog 4:36:111 Watch
Low%   Pibonacci 2:50:466 Watch Fuck spiders ok.

Challenge runs

No-gold   Pibonacci 2:54:201 Watch JP+Compass+CG on 1-4, wtf
Eggplant%   Bum 13:26:499 Watch Welp
Low% hell   Bum 7:43:570 Watch 1st Speedlunky + Low% Hell >:D
No-gold hell   Pibonacci 7:13:318 Watch Decent enough.

Moss Tier news

August 7th:
Two new challenge categories added.

June 8th:
You can now receive email updates when a new world record is set. Simply edit your profile to do so.