Low% hell speedrun

Definition: A run ending with the win criteria of both the Hell speedrun and the Low% speedrun combined. Unlike in the ordinary Low% category, the Ankh, the Hedjet, and the Scepter are allowed (but note that the Scepter can not be used actively).

Rank Player TimeSpelunker Video Comment Report
1   curticus2 5:42.530 Watch Report
2   d_tea 5:46.456 Watch Super slow hell levels Report
3   Bum 5:51.190 Watch >:D Report
4   SpelunkyGod 5:58.419 Watch Beast Report
5   Kinnijup 6:09.313 Watch 29s Yama fight :D Report
6   Pibonacci 6:22.654 Watch INSANE Olmec and ropeless yama Report
7   Buddy7heElf 6:40.075 Watch slow yama Report
8   Brutwarst 6:53.918 Watch Finally finished a speedrun Report
9   krille71 6:54.434 Watch highlights: hell and Yama Report
10   Samots 7:24.707 Watch Bad. My second hell low% run. Report
11   twiggle 7:33.834 Watch Report
12   saturnin55 14:18.478 Watch Hourra! Report
13   Linkruler 14:40.007 Watch Crazy lategame Yama spawns FTW Report
14   NightHarvester 16:52.925 Watch Yeah!!! Report
15   SAIBOT 22:13.799 Watch Nice! Report